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life said & everything without reward & innocently. It is hard to express, how much politeness & affability gains the minds of men. In performing the duty of a magistrate, family & greatness of mind ought to be exerted: least, if we are angry at those who come to us at improper times or who [[deletion]] press us imprudently [[/deletion]] [[addition]] use too much importunity [[/addition]], we should fall into ^ [[addition]] an useless & odious [[/addition]] moroseness. A little old woman beseeching [[unclear]] the King, that he would [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] judge her cause, when he answered her that he had no time for [[deletion]] that [[/deletion]] [[addition]] such employment [[/addition]] she replied, [[deletion]] nor time [[/deletion]] [[addition]] therefore cease [[/addition]] to be [[addition]] a [[/addition]] King. & [[unclear]] wondering at the [[addition]] free [[/addition]] speech of the woman [[deletion]] s [[/deletion]], he not only gave her a hearing, but immediately tried a great many [[addition]] other [[/addition]] causes, that came before Him.