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For we [[deletion]] are not so [[/deletion]] [[addition]] do not seem'd to be [[/addition]] formed by nature, [[deletion]] at to seem made [[/deletion]] for nothing but joking & playing: but rather for serious things, & for grave [[deletion]] r & [[/deletion]] and [[deletion]] greater [[/deletion]] [[addition]] nobler [[/addition]] studies. We may indeed make use of play & jokes but upon the same foot as sleep & other refreshments when we have done our duties in grave & serious matters. Socrates excellently said, that this is the nearest & the most compendious war to honor and glory if anyone would endeavor to be what he [[deletion]] [[unclear]] if we would do any thing as if we [[/deletion]] would be thought be. But if [[unclear]]ging one by [[deletion]] wanted some thing it [[unclear]] if [[/deletion]] an empty ostentation & by a counterfeit [[deletion]] [[unclear]] they would think [[unclear]] could [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[unclear]] & a gesture think [[deletion]] to [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] lasting [[deletion]] glory for the [[unclear]] they greatly err [[/deletion]] glory. they greatly err. For every thing that [[deletion]] For soon all [[unclear]] will fall [[unclear]] in [[/deletion]] puts on a false appearance is as short, lived [[deletion]] like [[unclear]] as the little flowers [[unclear]] [[/deletion]].