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Let your discourse in circles, at the meeting. of friends, & at entertainments, be gentle & not at all obstinate. Nor should we exclude others as it were in possession of our own estate: but when in other things, as in common discourse, we think ^ [[deletion]] vici [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] vici [[unclear]] [[/addition]] not shamefull. Let us consider what the conversation turns upon. If upon serious, we should put on a serious countenance; if the conversation is jocose we should look merry. But as it is a right precept, that all too violent immotions of the mind not [[deletion]] governed by [[/deletion]] [[addition]] obedient to [[/addition]] reason we should avoid: so our discourse should also be free from such a kind of Em [[deletion]] m [[/deletion]] otions, neither anger nor any thing like it should appear for speach commonly