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God is worship'd and appeas'd [[underline]] by piety. [[/underline]] 1. We owe our first duty to the immortal Gods, secondly to our country, thirdly to our parents, and lastly by ^ [[addition]] just [[/addition]] degrees to [[deletion]] all equals [[/deletion]]. all others. There are three things chiefly to be worship'd ^ [[addition]] & reverenc'd [[/addition]] by Young men the Gods, one's Parents, and the Laws A good man has of [[deletion]] great [[/deletion]] [[addition]] greatest [[/addition]] piety towards the Gods: & [[deletion]] also [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] there bears an even [[/addition]] [[deletion]] his [[/deletion]] mind [[deletion]] equaly to whasoever [[/deletion]] under whatever befalls him. [[deletion]] happens to him. [[/deletion]]. For he knows that whatever happens is agreable to the divine law, by which the universe is governed.