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4. Gibraltar a little fortified Town built on a little Slip of Land which runs into ye. Medeterranean, & form a Bay call'd yt. of Gibraltar. It was taken by ye. English in 1704. No Country in Europe is finer situated for foreign trade; ye Spaniards having ports in ye. Ocean & Medeterranean & their Soil. being rich & would be a fruitfull as any other Nation if properly Cultivated. They have fine Wood & Iron for building Ships, excellent Wools, Silk, & delicious fruits; their settlers in America, furnish them with immence quantities of Gold, Silver, Precious Stones, & Variety of other rich Merchandizes. Tho they have excellent Wines, & Oil, yet they are little cultivated. They do not work up their Wool, nor Silks, or at least in a very indifferent manner; so yt. they let it be made up in England, France, Holland &c. & then send it to ye. Colonies, for which they do not even employ many of their own ships, but get other Nations to carry them. so yt. they can never man 20. Ships of ye. Line with their own Sailor. Spain is almost depopulated tho a healthy air; it has been so ever since in ye. Reign of Philip III. when ye. Moo & Jews, who inhabited, Andalusia, Grenada, & Murcia; & also by ye. continual Wars which they have carried on for 200. years in Flanders & Italy; & ye. hopes of Riches withou labour drew many families over into America.