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5. Spain is bounded on ye. N. by ye Bay of Biscay. On ye. E. by ye. Pyrinean Mountains; & ye. Mediterranean. On ye. S. by ye. Mediterranean, & ye. Atlantick Ocean. & On ye. ^ [[addition]] [[underline]] W. [[/underline]] [[/addition]] by Portugal. Spain extends from ye. 36. to ye. 42. Deg. of N. Lat. & from ye. 10. to ye. 20 Deg. of Long. from ye. N. of Lon. to ye. W. Its great Rivers are 1. ye. Minho. 2. ye. Douro. 3. ye. Tagus. 4. ye. Guadiana. 5. ye. Ebro. they all run through Spain into ye. Atlantick Ocean except ye. Ebro which runs into ye. Mediter. Spain is divided into 1. Old Castile. 2. New Castile. 3. Leon. 4. Gallicia. 5. Asturia. 6. Biscay. 7. Navarre. 8 Arragon. 9. Catalonia. 10. Valencia. 11. Estremadura. 12. Andalusia. 13 Grenada. 14 Murcia. Madrid is ye. Capital of Spain, & is in ye. province of New Castile. ye. principal Islands belonging to Spain in ye. Mediterranean, are, ye. Baleares, so call'd on account of their famous Slingers, namely [[unclear]] , Ivica, & Fermentera, to these also formerly belong'd Minorca which was taken by ye. English in 1708. & Scandalously neglected, & left a victim to France in 1756. to ye. Eternal dishonour of Britain, & I hope to ye. destruction of those who were at yt. time Ministers, but now happily displac'd, for to let abler heads, & honester hearts, come forward; & endeavour to [[unclear]] what ye. formers had not time to [[unclear]]