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2. 16. Poitou; 17 Bretagny in ye. W. 18. du Maine & Perche. 19. Govern. of Paris. 20. Isle of France. 21. Orleanois. 22. Nivernois. 23. Bourbonnois. [[addition]] 24 [[/addition]] Lyonois. 25. d'Auvergne. 26, Limosin. 27. La Marche 28. Govern. of Berri. 29 Touraine. 30. Anjou. 31. Saumur. 32. Flandres. 33. [[addition]] & [[/addition]] Dunkirk. France has every advantage necessary for carrying on an extensive trade, being so situated as to have ports in ye. British Channel, in ye. Atlantick Ocean & ye. Mediterranean [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] but their greatest drawback is ye. want o + [[/addition]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] any [[unclear]] English [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[unclear]] [[addition]] [[unclear]] [[/addition]] . Chief produce of this Km. is Wine, Oil, Corn, Iron & other minerals with which they trade. As to Manufactures they make great quantities of Cloth, Velvet, Silk, Linnen, & [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[/addition]] very fine tapesteries; as to their Scarlet die 'tis ye. best in Europe, tho' they will soon be excell'd even in yt. by ye. English. ye. Fleet of France was very inconsiderable 'till ye. Reign of Lewis XIV. who in a few years made it able to cope with ye. English, when join'd with ye Dutch; it was entirely destroy'd at ye. Battle of La Hogue, & since has been recovering, & now is but 20. Ships weaker than ye. maratime force of Britain