Notes on "Horse-hoeing husbandry: or, An essay on the principles of vegetation and tillage"

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Mr. Tull's Efsay upon Horse-hoeing Husbandry has been long enough published, that some judgement may be formed of his performance; for whoever has attended to the Subject, and has weighed the Principles upon which his method of Culture is founded, can jude how far his Theory is agreable to nature; throgh but few have made sufficient Experiments to be fully informed of its worth; that arises from the attachment to old Customs which ever extends to not fairly executing the method recommended when pretending to verify any new plan proposed. An Estimate of the Expence & Profit of Ten Acres of Land in Twenty Years [[underlined]] In the Old Way [[/underlined]] First Year, for Wheat £ S.d. costs £33 - 5s. viz. First plowing at 6s.p Acre 3-0-0 Second and third at 8s. p.Acre 4-0-0. Manure, 30s. p. Acre - - - [[underlined]] 15-0-0- [[/underlined]] 22-0-0. two Harrowings, and Sowing at 2s. 6d p.Acres 1-5-0. seed threw bushels p. Acre at 4 s. p. bushel S 6-0-0 Weeding at 2s. p. Acre - 1-0-0 Reaping bindings and Carrying at [[unclear]] p. Acres) - [[underlined]] 3-0-0 [[/underlined]] 11-5-0. Second Year for Barley cobts £11-6s -8d .viz Once plowing at 6s.p. Acre 3-0-0. Harrowing and Sowing at 1s. 6d.p.Acre - - 0-15-0. Weeding at 1s. p. Acre - - - 0-10-0 Seed for bushels p.Acre at 2s.p.bushel -- 4-0-0 Cutting, Baking, and carrying at 5.2. [[unclear]] ____ 1-10-8. [[unclear]] Seed at 3s. p, Acre - - - [[underlined]] 1-10-0 [[/underlined]] 11-6-8. [[underlined]] In the New Way [[/underlined]] £ s.d First Years extraordinary expenses is, for plowing and manuring the Land, the same as in the Old way 22-0-0 £ s.d Plowing once more at 4s. p.Acre - 2-0-0 Seed [[unclear]] Gallons p. Acre at 4s. p. bushell - - - 2-5-0 Drilling at 7d. p.Acre - - - 0-5-10. Handhoeing and Weeding at 2s. 6d. p. Acre 1-5-0 Horse hoeing six times at 10s. p. Acre 5-0-0 Reaping, binding and Carrying at 6s. p. Acre [[underlined]] 3-0-0. [[/underlined]] 13-15-10.