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stock of other horned Cattle; folding goes on very slowly with less than 400. Sheep, these will cost about 10s. each that is £200; the manuring light land with marle or clay amounts to about £3. the Acre which a small farmer cannot afford. Farms may be divided into such as employ one plough, such as employ two, large farms, very large ones, and grazing farms; [[deletion]] by one plough is meant one Man and two Horses [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] The generality of little Farms cultivated with one plough, that is one Man, had Horses and no Driver, one Cart is kept which with the addition of Ladders carries the Corn, Hay & c. the Cows if any are of a poor and stinted kind; these are occupied by Labourers, Servants or others who have money sufficient to get this little Stock; the keeping but two Horses, prevents the purchasing manures; so that the Crops are scarcely ever equal to those of their more substantial Neighbours. Farms cultivated with two ploughs and four horses, if composed of a sufficient quantity of grass land and that the Stock in general equals the number of Horses the business of ploughing and harrowing may be fully performed which with manures the four Horses will collect may ensure much greater Crops than on a smaller farm.