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(3) carrots, and so in five years reaping rye, barley, carrots, turnips, and clover; keeping no flock, only fatting cattle. The second part of the objection to breaking up the Sheep-walks for employment of old people and children in the manufacture of wool falls to the ground for if less Sheep be kept, the increase of tillage must take part of the hands, and the trades depending upon it many; old people and children in a farm perfectly cultivated are employed in weeding, picking of seed corn, frighting vermin, planting pease and beans, slicing and dropping potato-setts, gathering potatoes. It may not be improper to examine now the difference between a number of Lands employed in manufacturing a foreign production, silk for instance, and the same number in breaking up and cultivating tracts of unimproved land; [[unclear]] millions worth of things vendible being productions from our earth, and raised by our own hands at home, will when exported bring more real gain than the sale of three millions worth of goods in manufactures of materials purchased abroad; the balance is therefore as three to one in favour of agriculture England from 1745. to 1750 shiped off in [[unclear]] to the amount of £7,405,786. which is equivalent in national advantage to £22,000,000. raised by the [[catchword]] exportation [[/catchword]]