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(1) Agriculture is the foundation of every other art, business profession, it is the chief attention of every wise Nation to see that this and Manufactures are proportionally encouraged but the preponderance ought to be in favour of the former. Agriculture ought to flourish to the full cultivation of the land before Manufactures take place as articles of Trade and Commerce; and when cultivation is at its height, those Manufactures ought previously to be encouraged which employ materials of home growth, and last of all those of foreign Countries. England is said to contain thirty four millions of Acres, many millions of these are waste or unimproved, some will object to the improving these wastes from the Sheep they maintain which provide wool that in manufacturing employ more hands than the cultivation would require, and from old people and Children being used in manufactures who would be useless in Agriculture; there is an appearance of solidity in these objections, yet a thousand Acres of the poorest arable land employ an infinite greater number of hands than a flock of Sheep does; and there are few Sheep Walks that have not under the surface a stratum [[catchword]] of [[/catchword]]