Letter from John Belson to Messrs. Coutts describing his financial circumstances and difficulties, and explaining that he cannot currently repay his loan [to General de Budé].

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to live on. There are six of us and a servant maid. no [[underline]] curtailment [[/underline]] can be made in our [[underline]] expenses [[/underline]]. That 82 £ is [[underline]] allowed [[/underline]], of course, [[underline]] insecure [[/underline]]. We must [[underline]] have [[unclear]] [[/underline]] back for donations from the [[underline]] first people [[/underline]] of late in this Kingdom [[underline]] persons well known to the Genl; and yourselves [[/underline]] one of the royal Brothers who [[underline]] visited [[/underline]] Mrs Belson on a [[underline]] friendly footing [[/underline]] in her first husband's time alive and has [[underline]] often served [[/underline]] us once [[underline]] through your hands [[/underline]]. If you could bring our [[underline]]situation to your exact view [[/underline]] I am sure you would send us a triffle not add to our [[unclear]] many of Mrs B. kindred are your friends and [[underline]] "correspondents" [[/underline]] I was [[unclear] to the late Mr Stephens the once affluent Banker who failed, brought up, under her, from a Boy: we have Lords, Bishops, Barts, and M. P.s in our family nevertheless [[underline]] who have done much [[/underline]] , many have large famillys of their own, so no blame to them our situation in life. I need not tell you an officer half pay's sword [[underline]] cannot [[/underline]] be sold or [[underline]] disposed [[/underline]] of if [[underline]] either [[/underline]] no [[underline]] security [[/underline]] nor jimself can secure it. In spite of all it is a gift for past services to [[unclear]] [[unclear]] starving. I again say