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in the Country, it will not prove a very settled life in the beginning as the King will be obliged to come to town every Week until the Parliament is prorogued, this Circumstance does not make it very advantageous to my Daughters, as the frequent removals from one place to another put a Stop to all Serious employment, and I am almost tempted to go without them to Kew for some time, but cannot quite settle it to my mind as yet. I must Commission You my Dear lady Charlotte with a Kiss for little dear Alfred, which I flatter myself You will not be ashamed off nor blush at. Mrs/ Carter I hope is less troubled with Her Head Ach since she is settled in Her Native Air if not I intend to turn Physician and try my Skill, it shall be [[foreign:Latin]] [[underline]] gratis [[/underline]] [[/foreign]] i promise You, a little Vanity You will allow me upon it if I should succeed I shall write to Germany on purpose for a receipt of some Pills which my poor Mother took who was a fellow sufferer with Mrs C i beg to be remembered to your two little Companions, pray believe me most sincerely Your affectionate Friend. Charlotte.