Letter from George III to Major General Jacob de Budé, directing that Rev. Majendie should accompany Prince William as a governor when the Prince goes to sea, providing instructions as to what Majendie should teach the Prince, etc., and directing that he should send reports to de Budé for the King's information.

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is not either employed in the Theoretical on Practical Branches of his Profession; there may not be opportunities for long Lessons, but from the frequency of them I trust much information may be acquired; should my Son attempt to avoid His lessons; any application from Mr. Majendie to Rear Admiral Digby to enforce the necessity of attending to His Studies will I am certain meet with the fullest Support. 8. That Mr. Majendie is to omit no opportunity of corresponding with Major General de Budé, that I may be kept constantly informed how there Instructions are followed. GR.