Draft (blank) 'letter' from George III to an unidentified individual, instructing him to convey the relevant 'ensigns' [insignia?] of the Order of the Garter to Prince William, with a note of instructions for the sending of the letters [this and 0462] and the procedure and precedents re the sending of insignia.

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A letter to transmitting the Ensigns of the Order of the Garter to be delivered by him to Prince William Henry Trusty and wellbeloved we greet you well. Whereas at a Chapter by Us and [[underline]] the rest of [[/underline]] the Knights Companions of our Most Noble Order of the Garter in our Palace at St. James's on Friday the 19th day of April last in the twenty second year of our Reign, We have thought fit to elect and chuse ourt dearly beloved Son Prince William Henry to be one of the Companions of the Most Noble Order of the Garter and because we are well assured that this Respect of ours will be very welcome unto his Noble and Princely Inclinations and be agreeable to his heroic Education and Professions and having signified to him our said Election Our Will and Pleasure is that you carefully deliver to him the George and Garter * Given at out Court at St. James's this Day of May 1782 in the twenty second year of our Reign The foregoing with the Letter to the Prince should be draen by the Chancellor signed by the Soverieign and sealed by the Chancellor with the Seal of the Order Of this Letter it is presumed more modern Precedents may be found with the Chancellor. It does not appear that any Ceremonies have been used in the delivery of the Ensigns of the Garter where Garter or his Deputy did not attend. The ceremony of the delivery used by Garter is short, consisting chiefly in delivering the Letters of Election __ bearing the Ensigns on a Velvet Cushion __ buckling on the Garter and putting on the Ribbon and the Cloak or Garment with the Star of the Order when there is a Dispensation for that purpose. King Charles the second on 8 April 1662 issued a Warrant to Garter to [[underline]] send [[/underline]] the whole Habit to the Prince Elector of Brandenburg. dispensing at the same time with the sending an Ambassador and Garter King of Arms to deliver the same an account of the Installation &c. ___________ * If any other Ensigns are Sent they are also to be named.