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My dearest Son. I have surely not any thing to say of very great importance for myself, but as every thing comes to be so that Concerns those in love, I look upon Yr Commission to send some Pigs for the Princess sufficiently [[deletion]] so [[/deletion]] great as to write You a Letter to announce their departures this Morning [[underline]] alive [[/underline]] directed [[underline]] to Mrs Willis in Town [[/underline]] who is to forward them immediately to Brighton. they was to be refreshed upon the road with Milk so that they will be fit for Gobling immediately & I hope they prove to the Princesses taste. My little Black lady would not vouchsafe to acouchir sooner than 10 weeks to come & Sr George Howard has been so good as to give these up to me, & are the same breed as mine. The [[unclear]] at Kew have not been forgot, but at present None are to be had, & this little luxury as well