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or totally give it up. This is a Melancholy Picture of Mankind but who is there that has not fell the truth of what I say. I fear it is too General, & is one of the reasons why I am so reserved, & You my dearest Friend will after this very Severe Tryal [[unclear]] Necefsary it will be for You to Check Yr opennefs of Character a little, as many of those Yr thought Yr best Friends have Certainly not proved so. The Kg is very much Contended with the Letter He received last Night from You He is gone to Town this Morning & Has leff me the Prince & Princefs of Orange to take care of Our [[unclear]] were dull, not much Company & indeed the truth is Nothing Amuses me [[deletion]] at all [[/deletion]] me much. I hope for better Tims & happy Shall I be when that Time comes