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My dearest Son. I have indeed no News to tell but Young [[unclear]] shall not go without a Few Lines from me to Afsure & Convince You that You are always Uppermost in my Heart & Thoughts I shall not fail to shew the Kg Lrd Thurlaws Conduct & than do as Your have directed Burn the Paper. I will make no Personal reflections but by all that has pafsed of late I [[addition]] am [[/addition]] move than Ever Convinced that Scripture Speaks Wisely in saying [[underlined]] dont put Yr trust in Man [/underlined]] & Nothing but a fair open & Honest Conduct can make one go through the Vicifsitudes of Life. In an [[unclear]] Situation there is one Advantage that if they are Accused they may defend themselves but it a Superior this is frequently impofsible [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] & we Know bu Experience that by having recourse to Men they will [[addition]] out [[/addition]] according as their [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] interest his, Either Espouse the Course