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the Queen to the Prince of Wales 11th. Septr. 1797. My dearest Son. This is the first moment thanks to a most Violent Storm I have been able to find to thank You for the Fine Game, it was delicious & the first we have send & to make us of a German exprefsion. [[underlined]] I cat Your [[unclear]]. [[/underlined]] Nothing New has happened sonce You left this Place, excepting a very fine Breakfast at the [[unclear]] Camp given by Ldy Pitt where She did the [[foreign: french]] Honours en Habit d'Amazons [[/foreign]] extremly well. Our Ball went off with great Spirit, it began at Nine & finished a little after four a Clock. Since that we have Visited the Damers, & Mr Brown at Frampton to see another Roman Pavement. Ldy Pitt was of the first Party & when we meet I tell You what she did to Amuse us, which indeed She is ever ready to do when in Her Power. This Week was intended for Sailing Chiefly, but I believe [[addition]] in [[/addition]] that Amusement [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] we shall be Difsappointed for at Present it blows a Hurricane & should the Wind Fall there must remain a Swell in the Sea which may