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[[note]] the Queen to the Prince of Wales 26th. Dec. 1799. [[/note]] My dearest Son I was truely dissapointed in not having the pleasure of seeing You yesterday as by Yr brother the Duke of Cumberlds account on Saturday last He had left you so much better [[deletion]] was [[/deletion]] that You had planned a Visit to the Grange, which prevented my making any enquiries after Yr Health. I am sorry to learn by yr Letter that the Complaint still continues & with my very warmest wishes for Yr speedy recovery I would advise that Dr Turton might be sent for, He is in Town & may easily be found & His skill might strike out some Medicine which would [[deletion]] perhaps [[/deletion]] [[addition]] sooner [[/addition]] relieve You then what You have tryed hitherto. Dear Amelia went through Her Confirmation on Tuesday & Yesterday extreamly well, She declares herself happy & uncommonly easy in Her Mind which is most Natural as at all Times the Preparation for such a Sacred Scene is awfull, & Her very deliente state of Nerves must of course have increased it considerably. She is however thank God in a very good state of Health & in good Spirits, & the Noise in the throat at times much lessened.