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[[foreign:French]] Pourquoi faut il sentir ce qu'on ne peut pas exprime? [[/foreign]] says Madame de Sevigny & I feel that She spoke truth, for I do at this moment, & on [[underline]] this Day [[/underline]], feel what my Pen never can [[underline]] express Sufficiently [[/underline]] yet not withstanding this difficulty my wishes upon the return of this Day are not [[underline]] left Sincere [[/underline]] nor [[underline]] less fervent [[/underline]], for Your Happiness & Prosperity; may You see many of them with uninterrupted Bliss, & may You never be [[underline]] less happy [[/underline]] than [[underline]] an affectionate Mother [[/underline]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[underline]] wishes, You [[/underline]] will then enjoy true felicity, both here and hereafter, & believe me Sincere when I say that in Your Happiness must & always is concerned the Happiness of Her who feels pleasure in subscribing Herself my dearest Son Yr ever affectionnate Mother & Friend Charlotte [[note]] Windsor the 10th/ August 1806. [[/note]] [[foreign:French]] Comme les petits present entretiment l'Ami tie, acceptez ce petit Cadeau qui accompagne cette Lettre pour faire continuer [[underline]] la Votre [[/underline]] [[/foreign]]