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My dearest Son. If the wishes of an Absent Friend can avail any thing, I am sure that those of a Mother tho Separated must prove efficacious for Yr wellfare, as they flow from a Heart truely affectionate & anxious for Yr Prosperity & Happiness not only upon the return of this Day but at all times. & I am sure they could not be more Sincere given a [[underline]] Viva voce [[/underline]] then they are from my Pen. My Present tho Small will I hope be accepted with Yr usual kindnefs, were any [[underlined]] means [[/underlined]] Greater my gift would have bore proportion to my Heart, therefore what ought to have been a [[underlined]] Duo [[/underlined]] must be a [[underlined]] Solo [[/underlined]], & I must depend upon Mr Bridges exactness for a Companion to it next Year when I shall by very happy [[addition]] to offer You [[/addition]] its Twin Brother. We Celebrated Yr Birth Day Yesterday at Elyzas Cottage, & were particularly fortunate in the Day that all Yrs may be as unclouded & as bright as this proved is the ardent wish & Prayers of My dearest Son Yr affectionnate Mother & Sincere Friend Charlotte [[note]] Windsor the 11th/ August 1808. [[/note]]