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Lambeth Palace Octbr ye 9th 1811. Her Majesty having been genuinely pleased to propose that Dr [[unclear]] Dr Simmons & Dr Willis should conjointly have access at stated periods to the Kings apartment in order that they may be enabled by their personal observation of His Majestys, habits, demeanour, & constitution both of Body & Mind, to form an accurate judgement of the extent & nature of the disorder, to make their reports to the Council & to advise whether any & what alteration of treatment is likely to produce any beneficial change in His Majesty's state, Her Majesty nevertheless objecting to their in [[unclear]] during their access, in the management of the [[unclear]] & insisting upon Dr B. Willis's state returning that management, & objecting to their making themselves known to the King, & requiring that they should be considered as consulting Physicians & that they should not sign the Bulletins, the Members of Her Majestys Council now assembled do therefore request