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[[note]] Answer No 2. Windsor Castle Sepr. 5th-- 1813. [[/note]] My Dearest Dutchess. I could not possibly give You an answer on Saturday which day I should go to Town, and am sorry to tell You that It remains still so uncertain, and is likely not to take place at all. But should t be necessary to do so You should be informed of it that Charlotte may go the same day, and also return the same Evening which I know will answer the Princes Orders. I have taken measures to be informed of the time fixed for L Burghirsh's departure and shall feel much pleasure to invite them to Windsor that Charlotte may have the Satisfaction of seeing Her. Her Visits at Carlton House must have begun before She was married, and as You say that the Prince never did Prohibit their intercourse, I am convinced that He was ignorant of it, as He never named [[unclear]] Poole to me as one He knew of being admitted into Charlottes Society The Prince has so strongly expected this objection to me of Her receiving any Visitors unknown to Him, that the only way I can meet Charlottes wish is to make Lord and Lady B. come down here. the Amiable Conduct of whom I must always wish to Sanction /signed/ Charlotte/ [[note]] I have informed the P. of what has passed on the occasion [[/note]]