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late Mr Pitt that I should want the Sum of 5000 £ which was not Paid untill I Sent in the Abstract of Every Tradesmens Bill, the Sum was then put immediately into the Hands of Lrd Aylsbury's & paid from my Treasury. If this Sum however Nothing but the Trousseaux was payed. The King laid Out in Jewels 2000 £ out of His Private Purse. Much regularity must be Observed in Ordering & Buying the things, it can but be one Person to take the Charge of it, for every Order I gave I wrote down, Calculated the Sum, & Compared it again with the Tradespeople when they delivered their things, & there must be no extra Orders given but by the Person chosen to understate it. -- I have found the List of Yr Sisters Trousseaux & part of that for the P. of W. when She come over which may perhaps be a very good Guide upon this Occasion, & had I been will I would have come