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when I name Dr. Short whom You have given Charlotte Permifsion to retain about Her, I know that He laments, that His Duty now as a Parish Priest must call Him away [[deletion]] as [[/deletion]] for six Months which can not be avoided, have You thought of any body who could well supply His Place & The Character of His Son stands so High at Oxford & He is reported to be extremely Mild in Disposition & [[unclear]] in His Conduct it might perhaps please Charlotte [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] & be advantageous to Her to have the Son who I have [[addition]] no [[/addition]] doubt would follow the Fathers Steps implicitly during His Absence Dr Jackson knows Him well & You may trust to His opinion I beg You to believe that Neither Charlotte nor the Dr. know any thing of this, & that this [[addition]] is [[/addition]] [[deletion]] I [[/deletion]] mentioned for Yr private Ear.