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the Queen to the Prince Regent 23d March 1816 Ladies & You must be so kind as to think about [[unclear]] that very soon. I have promised to sound Ldy John Thynne which I will do the Moment I know who is to be the First, but I an not undertake going any Further. You must pardon Me for prefsing this, the Time draws so near that I fear we Shall be without any Ladies when the Wedding takes Place. I will also put You in Mind of what I have said Concerning Mrs Campbell & Mifs Coates it is worth while Yr Consideration, [[addition]] but [[/addition]] being ignorant of what Her Establishment is to be I am no Judge of what Number She will be equal to Pay. Another thing I will take the Liberty of Naming with which I know I have nothing to do, but as Your wish is to Secure Prudent people about Yr Daughter You will not take it Amifs