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[[foreign: french]] Elle ne fait qu'Ecrire [[unclear]] Tourment avec des questions [[/foreign]] I plead guilty & shall not be offended at it. To the Number of Names I send in my First Letter about a Fourtnight ago [[deletion]] to be [[/deletion]] for You to Consider which of those might be most Proper for the First Lady in Charlottes Establishments, I will add the Dowager Ldy [[unclear]] Upon inquiry not only now but some Time ago I am Convinced that You were misinformed about Her having had any Connection with a certain lady now abroad I know Her to be one of the most loyal attached Persons [[deletion]] R [[/deletion]] pofsible, Her Behaviour to a very unpleasant Husband while He [[addition]] Lived [[/addition]] irrprochable & Her Conduct to His Children, who do behave Ill enough [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] to Her since His Death perfect, I have seen Her frequently & like Her Society, but Inquiry must be made about every one of those