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Queens Palace. April 10th/1818. My Dearest Son. Sensible as I am of the amiable feelings, Connected with an anxious desire to Affect a Cordial Union of all Your Family, which have prompted You again so strongly to urge Me to recieve the Duchess of Cumberland, and to overlook every Objection, which I stated to You Yesterday, in the avowed hope that upon further Consideration, I might be induced to yield to Your Wishes, it is not without very great pain that I now address You as I am well aware that what what I have to say must disappoint Your Expectations, if indeed You have formed any, after what passed between Us. Upon the Question itself, I have nothing to add to all that I have stated so much in detail, both verbally and in writing, to which You will permit Me to refer for an explanation of the Principles in which I have acted. These remain unshaken, and while I feel that they are Correct,