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2. ye ballance of Power in Italy was formerly greatly attended to by us, which we had ye levant trade, which I fear we shall now entirely having by either ye weakness or neglect of some lost Minorea where we had ye best part in ye Mediterranean. It is our interest & yt of Spain to live well together, & we are natural allies; at present yt Power seems to choose to be neuter, & first to see how things tend, before they declare what part they will take. We have long liv'd on good terms with ye K. of Portugal, our mutual trade makes this very necessary for both; & when Spain & Port. quarrell'd we sent'a fleet to Libbon, which [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] protected [[/addition]] those people from being insulted. Nothing can so much contribute to our happiness, & to yt of ye Dutch as a constant good harmony; which will make both encrease in wealth, & consquently be rever'd. It is impossible to say, but two months may again change ye System, of affairs, so yt it is wisest not to pretend to explain what is yet in ye Womb of Fate.