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take more of our manufactures than if they had stay'd at home, so yt they employ a great number of hands there. Our Constitution as yt of ye Greeks & Romans, is mix'd; but so wisely sett'ld, yt by ye Prerogative of ye P. he can do great good to his Subjects, but has it not in his power to do them any hurt. Having no pretensions on our Neighbours, tis not to be immagin'd yt a British P. can wish to see his Subjects involv'd in war with regard to our Poilcy, we esteem'd as unworthy [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] Great Britain of to be bias'd by [[/addition]] [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] temporary convenience which ^ [[addition]] it [[/addition]] in other nations are some times Stil'd reasons of State: [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] Foreigners have said yt our interest, & our commerce are distinct considerations; but this shows how little they are acquainted with either, for what ever is of use to our trade, is our interest & what ever is determental to it, is greatly to be avoided by us. Our reason must plainly point out to us yt we ought to preserve ye balance of power. We should also try to get terms of Security & Indulgence from foreign Nations for our Subjects & in return should do what is reasonable on our parts, for it is ye true interest of Great Britain to keep ye treaties yt are made exactly. Further it is proper yt if we are wrong'd, we should instantly resent it; particularly if we can with our naval forces for it will hinder our being neglected for ye future. We should also assist any Nation yt is unjustly attack'd if we are in a Situation to do it, because it will show yt we are Just & lovers of freedom. By following these Rules I should immagin yt all ye Powers of Europe would seek of friendship; & we ought some time to make treaties for ye good of ye whole which may hurt some particular trade. We have always taken great part in all ye transactions of ye Northern Ps. but lately particularly connected with Russia but now yt Power is unite'd with France. ye German Ps. have always been assisted by us, but in my opinion we have thrown away more money on them, than they & ye small speck for which it has been squander'd are worth. With the H. of Austria we have to our cost been closely allied, but they are now in ye interest of France. Ye K. of Prussia, formerly our determin'd Enemy, is now our only Ally in those parts, or almost anywhere. He may perhaps preserve ye ballance of Power, tho' there is little chance of it. ye French are a power with whom we can seldom be long on good terms, for our interests clash so much, yt we are always suspecting each other; they have now got a great fleet, which [[deletion]] [[unclear]] [[/deletion]] [[addition]] must [[/addition]] grieve every true Briton; therefore if we do not rouse ourselves & destroy their fleet, we shall become ye contempt of all Nations