Letter from Princess Augusta to Miss Finch

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Letter from Princess Augusta to Miss Finch

Date Created

[1782 - 1813]


Augusta, Princess (b. 1768)


Indeed you are most kind to think of us. All does appear most horrid, but we will trust in the Mercy of God to Avert the Evils which us poor Mortals are liable to, and which though (however horrid they seem) cannot happen without His Will! the Events of the last two Years have convinved me so much nothing but the Goodness of God could have supported us under them that I cannot help saying with David, 'the goodness of God endureth yet daily' and with that certainty I find myself a happy person at times - truly thankfull for the many Blessings I yet enjoy - and often very cheerfull in my Spirits' Signed. Undated




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