Letter from Queen Charlotte to George III

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Letter from Queen Charlotte to George III

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7 April 1795


Charlotte, Queen Consort to George III


Sir. Will You be so kind as to permit me to say a few Words concerning the Prince of Wales'. A few Days ago He brought two me Copys of two Letters which He had written to You some time ago Concerning some Military Arrangement about Himself & desired me most earnestly to interest myself for Him with Yr Majesty. His request, I refused, & my writing now is not only at present but ever shall be a Secret to him. But I think it my Duty to tell You that in He ['He' crossed out] my Conversation with Him I find, that in receiving no answer at all not only makes him wretched, but I will fairly own that I did have ['have' crossed out] hear before He mentioned it to me, that some of the Opposition hearing of it, have again begun under Hand to Try to bring Him over to them' Signed and dated 'Q.H.' [Queen's House]